PX4 cannot upload

This is my first time using PX4.
I am using pixhack v3.
The instructions I use are:
Make px4fmu-v3_default upload
Will always pop up the message “If the board does not respond, unplug and re-plug the USB connector.”

By the way, I compiled successfully with “make px4fmu-v3_default”
This problem has been bothering me for a long time, I hope to get a solution.

Have you checked this?

What is the output of lsusb during the first 3 seconds when you plug it in?

Do you have the permissions necessary?

Of course, I do the “Permission Setup” and “Remove the modemmanager”, but it still can’t work.
Here is the result of lsusb.

And you’re inside a VirtualBox and you have installed the VirtualBox extensions and guest additions?

And after the permission setup, you logged out of Ubuntu and back in?

What is the output of ls /dev/ttyACM*