PX4 cable connect Flysky FS-IA6

This is my first project, please help.
I have S500 V2 kip with px4 and Flysky remote with FS-IA6 receiver.
I don’t now how to connect px4 with FS-IA6 receiver.
In the doc:
is mentioned to use SBUS port or PPM RC port.
But for me is not clear how this is possible, receiver has 6 channel and I have 2 cables with 3 contacts.
What is the solution and how to wire the remote?

It looks like you need to configure the fs-IA6 to PPM mode and then connect one of the channels (not sure which one?) to the PPM input of the Pixhawk.

That I already done, not working.

I don’t know how to connect wires from px4 PPM connector to FS-IA6 receiver:

This receiver has 6 channels with 3 pins each.

From doc, is not clean how to do it:

Still waiting for a solution.

When PPM is used, all channels are transmitted over one “cable” (including the signal (white or yellow), 5v (red), and ground pin (black)).

I assume when PPM is selected it will come out of channel 1 but I don’t know that. I have not used that hardware myself. If I was you I would try 1 and if it doesn’t work try the others too.

I tried almost all combinations for PPM and SBUS cables, with all channels, nothing works.

When connecting to QGroundControl, it say’s that for remote I have 0 channels, but is need 5 channels communication.

I suggest you share a picture of your setup. Maybe we can spot a mistake.

I have this 2 cables from SBUS and from PPM.
How I should connect them to channels available on receiver?

I enable PPM output on Flyscky remote. PPM out is set on channel 1, by default.

On the Pixhawk side I think you want to use PPM RC.
Then on the receiver side eyou might want to use the one next to channel 1 labelled S±, at least that would be my guess.

Only FS-IA6B supports PPM-S.
This is a kind of hidden information in datasheet !!

@Bravepaulo can you confirm FS-IA6B works in ppm with pixhawk 4?

Hi @Matteo_Scanavino
In my setup, I use a PIXHAWK 2.4.8 with FS-IA6B PPM and it is working fine, as consequence I cannot guarantee 100% that it will work with PIXHAWK 4. On the other hand, considering that such stuff does not change much among PIXHAWK models (at the end of the day is a PPM port) my guess is that there is a great possibility that it works as well.
If you need any support feel free to contact me.

Thankyou for your replay. It works!

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can you please send the wiring connections you used connecting px4 and fsia6b?

can you pls show the wiring connectiond with FS iA6B

Hi @Huy_Quang and @sabih_sultan.
Please find below some pictures to help you out.
Let me know if I can help with something else.