PX4 avoidance local planner .. stopping the spinning of the motors

My question is in local planner how can I stop the spinning of the motors in order to switch them off ? I have read the architecture on https://dev.px4.io/en/ however I still can’t determine how to stop the spinning.

I already replied to you on slack. Please don’t post duplicate questions with different user names.

It is not fair for the rest of the community and it will not help your chances of getting a reply

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I didn’t mean to do that I just need more support … You have mentioned me the https://dev.px4.io/en/ and I read it however I’m still not able to determine how to stop the spinning of the motors :slight_smile: … And of course I will not do that as I don’t need to get blocked again

@Omar1 You just did it again with this post… I have already answered that question on slack

@Omar1 You are not blocked from slack and can still have a discussion in slack.

Your post was not closed. You changed the topic of the channel which everyone was sharing, and it was reverted.

Can we move this discussion to slack?

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Sure … how can I delete this topic ? :smiley:

Ok enough is enough.