PX4 and Water Pump

Hi everyone,

I am trying to connect a water pump to my octocopter coax which has pixhawk4 and px4 on it.

The pump has separate 12v battery and a +,- and S wires. Can you please advise where should I connect these 3 wires on the PMB (PDB), and how to set it up in QGC to a specific switch on the controller?

Thanks a lot

What are you trying to do with the water pump?


I’m trying to use it to spray water from the vehicle.


No replies? Support not very good for pixhawk, might use another product. Not the first time, still struggling with mine.

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Did you try to ask on the hardware slack channel ? Sometimes you have more chance to get an answer there

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Figured out on our own. In case anybody want’s to do the same. Use AUX 1 ports on the power board. So connect a thin (white, red, black) cable to the AUX 1 port. Then assign a switch in QGC to trigger this port and there you go.

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