PX4 1.9 Release planning

This topic is meant to be the placeholder for features the community would like to see on PX4 1.9, on the last Dronecode call, the team decided we should start the public planning of PX4 1.9 on a public post on our forums.

To have your feature or change added to the PX4 roadmap, in particular, the PX4 1.9 release, you have to post on this topic and follow the guidelines, the 1.9 release is scheduled for January 2019.


  • Only post features or changes you or your team can contribute (this is not a wishlist) it’s essential we remain honest and sincere about our capabilities as a community, no overcommitments.
  • This is not a contract, posting here doesn’t bind you.
  • The PX4 maintainers will have final say into what features go into any PX4 release, PX4 remains a technical merit project
  • No governance/policy changes will be discussed on this thread (please create a new one)
  • Report bug fixes and security issues on Github
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The PX4 project is currently under a 6mo release cadence; the PX4 1.9 release has a target release date of January 2019.

I’m proposing the following timeline

July 2018 - November 2018
On-going development work for PX4 1.9, and minor releases for PX4 1.8

Feature freeze
November 2018 - December 2018
No new features merged into the 1.9 release. The focus will be on hardening the features that made it in. This is the cutout phase for any feature, features not ready will be pushed to the next release.

Code freeze - Flight testing
December 2018 - January 2019
Only security and bug fixes make it into the codebase, this is a period where the Flight Test team has a heavier rotation cycle on tests, this is the window where we guarantee the safety of the release

January 2019
Due diligence for the release, release notes, contributor acknowledgments, we publish the final artifacts on Github.


[WIP] I am currently working on updating the list. The list is still incomplete.

List of Planned features from Auterion:

Already merged features for 1.9 from Auterion:


Hi Thomas, you say yaw from RTK is “already merged from Auterion to master” Where can i find it?
I’m really looking forward to using (or trying out) that feature.

If you need help on integrating the Septentrio GPS or HW do not hesitate to contact me.