Proposal: LAND mode as flight mode/switch and as FS option

When I explored the PX4 flight stack @ new QGC (nice interface), I found that there´s no LAND mode/switch option or LAND option for FAILSAFE. Or I did not find it (well I´m new;-) )

If its not available,I would like to ask, if this could be integrated into the flight stack as well.


LAND Option for failsafe: When I´m testing a new build, I usually don´t want the copter to go into RTL (RTH) mode in case of a failure, since the climb and return feature is pretty dangerous sts, e.g. at my usual backyard tests or at poor GPS conditions. For testing, I usually stick nearby at a limited height.

LAND Flightmode/switch : Just a comfortable,secure way to stop my flight, I used to have a mixer switch at my Hott RC.

I think we can accommodate both of these, thanks for the feedback!

Is there an option to send an output Signal (PWM) to el. retracts i.e. in case of RTH to get the retracts to down position prior to landing? In case of Radio Failure the Plane/Copter would land without extended retracts. This would be needed in case of “LAND” Mode too (similar to APM).

There is no such feature for a retractable landing gear yet as far as I know.

However, there has recently been the addition of a kill switch, see

Hey Lorenz,

Any update on this? I’m coming from the APM stack to PX4 so I can better use the Offboard mode to use the setpoint features for some of my research but I would really like the LAND.

With the APM firmware, I had on of my switches to toggle between stabilize, altitude hold, and anything else. Then a separate switch would toggle LAND mode. The nice thing about APM land versus PX4 RTL is that I am typically flying indoors with no GPS or vicon position localization so I would love to have it with the same functionality where I can control roll, pitch, and yaw like stabilize while the quad lands (

@damanfb Could you explain why you can’t just put it in POSCTL and land it that way? Or ALTCTL It seems like a fringe use case?

I’m flying indoors and at times without a good surface for hte Px4flow sensor to get a good quality reading so the POSCTL does not work well. The reason I would really like the LAND mode similar to the APM is I’m running some experiments in OFFBOARD mode where the throttle could be at an arbitrary position. If I need to use a killswitch I liked LAND mode because then the throttle input is ignored and the robot will gently descend and land. If I switch to ALTCTL like you said it is also necessary for me or any untrained user to remember to throttle down after switching modes, which may be difficult in a tense situation.

Hi Lorenz,

Not sure if this ever got added in the end?

Would just like to add that we’d also love the implementation of having a radio switch to trigger LAND mode. We just had a small fly-away where we think it would’ve been a lot better of a fall-back than either RTL or KILL.
Being able to have an immediate controlled rate of descent in certain scenarios, even if drifting, without needing further pilot input is a life saver.

Any idea if/when it might be implemented?

Hi, was this implemented. Is it possible to assign a separate channel and switch to Land or Mission Mode?