Programming routes and patterns ( Star like around 1 fix point )

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As a newbe I want to ask the community if there are tools to generate patterns other than circle or squares. In my particular case I want to generate a star like pattern around 1 central location point.

Seen from the Top the inner points are located on one circle and the outer points are located on a second circle.
In principle 2 Circles with a number of points ( Eg. 16 points ) where the inner circle with points is rotated at the half of the angle of the outer circles 2 points.
The idea is to fly from one point on the outer circle to a point on the inner circle which is located on the half of the angle between 2 outer points and back to the next point on the outer circle etc until a full 360 degree observation is achieved.

Effectively creating a star like structure around 1 central coordinate.

Could I have some guidance here if these functions already exist or how to tackle this?

I found out when having a large(r) numbers of way points it is not possible to grab the way points not located in the table which is outside of the visible list. Like there is missing a slider on the right hand side to scroll to the parts not visible on screen…

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