Problems with Pixhawk Mini connection to QGS

I have a problems with connection to QGS…(serial, UDP…)
QGS does not see my mini…with firmaware (PX4 stable) upload no problems after that working or not working…
With MissionPlanner no problems…After uploading firmaware in MP (PX4 stable) than QGS see my mini but no longer of couple times …

-format SD card (SD Card Formatter)
-OS Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64

First step, does it connect using a USB cable?

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Yes , via USB
after upgading firmaware and stable working via USB I try UDP and Serial, may be one or two connections and crash down connection again…no connection via USB or etc… with MP no problems…

Thank you! I fixed the QGC doesn’t see my firmware problem via format my SD card! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: