Problem with connecting the motor to PM07 and Pixhawk 4

I am currently building a standard fixed wing UAV using the Pixhawk 4 flight controller. Currently I have wired all the components up bypassing the Pixhawk and they work fine manually but I am struggling with getting the motor to turn when connected to the power management board. I have it connected up as shown in the picture. When I increase the throttle the display on my laptop also shows that the throttle is moving so I know the problem is not on the pixhawk/ receiver side but there is no response on the actual motor. Power is reaching the motor as it is making the correct beeping noises but it only responds when the toggle responsible for aileron movement is used. I had a look at air frame references on the PX4 wiki and noticed that for fixed wing Main 1 refers to aileron and Main 3 refers to throttle which makes sense for what I’m experiencing however when I removed the signal wire from the M1 via and soldered it to M3 via I could not get the motor to move at all no matter the control stick I moved on the transmitter? I haven’t been able to find many examples of fixed wing aircraft using the pixhawk 4 does anyone have any ideas where I am going wrong with the wiring?