Prep for 4.1 Relase

I was devloping a custom build of Qground (branched from v4.0.8 stable). I had to give a short break. Now I realised that some of the features I was planning to develop are in daily build (4.1 Relase) but not in stable build.
Also in another post starting from daily built is advised because “We are in the process of moving master to the next Stable. It will take some time but it is coming.”
I am considering whether to use daily build and transfer my changes to there or continue with the stable builds and try to cherry pick some features.
My question is : What is the main difference between stable and daily builds? Is there a significant testing phase during the transition from daily to stable builds? Also is there a rough estimation for the date of the new major/minor stable release? What is your suggestion for transitioning to the next stable?

The change log ( will show you major feature differences between Stable and Daily.

It depends on your definition of “significant”. There are 1000+ users of daily builds who continuously help to report problems. Whereas a Stable builds has 10,000s of users so many more eyeballs finding problems.

Hopefully in a few weeks.

Hello, just wanted to thank you for your answer.
Also I am starting to develop from daily but would very like to move to the 4.0.1 as soon as possible. I will start now and try to grab changes from newly released stable when it is released. Is this a good idea? Is there a more managable way to do it? I understand why there cant be a definite date, but is there a good place to look to track how close we are ? (like maybe github milstones, but more informative as in there progress of 4.1 is very similiar to 4.0 and 3.5)

If you want to get out ahead of tracking the next Stable with your custom build then you should be building against master now. The only thing happening in there now is fixes to reach stable.

thank you very much for fast answer, I will do that