Waypoints by coordinate and Here+ RTK support

I recently made the switch from MissionPlanner/Ardupilot to QGroundControl/PX4. I now prefer QGroundControl with two major exceptions.

Waypoints: I am shocked that I cant enter a waypoint by typing in a lat/long coordinate. I often plan missions by either collecting the coords on the ground or using other software like google earth. This seems like a simple and important feature and I formally request its implementation. Is there perhaps some other way to create a mission using coords and import it to QGroundControl?

RTK: When I plug in my Here+ RTK GPS into the ground station computer with QGroundControl, it is simply not detected. I noticed that the daily release of the software detects the device immediately and it appears to work properly. Has this been reported? Can this be fixed before the next major release as a patch? How safe is it to run the daily release?

Click the hamburger menu item, select edit position:
Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 1.26.05 PM

You get a pull set of possibilities for adjusting waypoints positions:

That device is newer than the Stable build hence Stable doesn’t support it only Daily which is fully up to date.

A Stable that has been around for a while will tend to be higher quality the Daily. That said, it’s pretty rare for any QGC build to cause a vehicle to do anything really bad. If you want to use Daily just be a little more careful with things like checking Plan generation and so forth. There are still a lot of people out there that use Daily builds. For example on Android close to 1000 users. But then you have 15k+ using Stable Andoid. So more eyeballs is also better.

Thanks so much for the quick response and walk through on entering coords! I could not be happier to be wrong about that!

Thanks for the comments on RTK and daily release, any projected timeframe for the next stable release?

I"m working towards wrapping up a stable. But here are still a lot of things on the list to get done beforehand. Hopefully only a couple months away but hard to say.

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