Preflightfail ekf internal checks

This occurs on my Pixhack V2.

I am running the latest P4 firmware

Check the developer docs here:

Nope I am done with P4 and Pixhack v 2. What a load of absolute garbage.

Testing 3 Pixhacks at the moment with P4 stable firmware. Each one has some sort of EKF variance and calibration error doesnt matter how many times I calibrate the sensors at some time I will get a either a compass or gyro calibration error. Had 2 different critical navigation errors which caused me to go in to emergency decent and basically cut the motors as the drone would just fly away.

NO thank you

If you take the time to understand what you have, what, go through the parameters and understand what they do, and tune the autopilot to your vehicle, then you will have a foundation know how to make the autopilot respond predictably. Start by going through the docs fully. Don’t assume anything. Learn what you need to know.