PPM Encoder Problem Pixracer


I have been trying to configure my pixracer since days. Everything works well. But i cant calibrate my RC. QGround says there are 0 Radio Channels and i need at least 5. I use a ST6DF RC with a PPM Encoder from Aliexpress. On the Oszi i see a PPM Signal. Can anybody help.
Is it a probleme because i dont use a Buzzer and Safety Switch the Problem is i dont have it.
I had uploaded Pictures on this site: http://www.kopterforum.de/topic/70402-pixracer-pwmppm-empfänger/ sorry it is in German.


Unfortunately some PPM encoders does not work with the Pixracer so that could be the issue. I had a similar problem a while back and solved it by trying another encoder, then it worked perfectly.