Pixracer and PPM sum


I’ve been trying to connect a PPM sum signal to pixracer to no avail. I connected it accordingly to: http://px4.io/docs/standard-multicopter-configuration/ - the ground and RCin lines.

Basically it reports all the time: discovered 0 channels.

I’ve tested my PPM sum using OrangeRX and it is reported correctly on the transmitter. But pixracer simply does not see it.

It is a regular (not inverted) signal. I also tried an inverted one to the same result.

Is this supposed to work?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Out of curiosity I’ve connected my analyzer to the RCin on the Pixracer and this is what I get:

I must be missing something or my Pixracer is broken?

You should also connect ground

I think I got to the bottom of this. It feels like there was a problem with my board - I started to test the RC exclusive-or gate (U1203 74LVC2G86) as I was suspecting something’s wrong with it. I clean it up and it started to work!

Now the pixracer recognizes all the signals but I still need it to recognize an inverted ppm.

Is there a way for pixracer to accept inverted ppm-sum?