Plug in pointcloud to px4/avoidance

I am a student at NTNU, Norway working on implementing object avoidance on my quad preparing for my Master thesis. I already have a Lidar generating a pointcloud, so I’m wondering what would be the best way to implement px4s local planner ROS node. I see there is a lot of camera stuff in local_planner_nodelet, but since I already have the pointcloud, I need to get rid of all the camera stuff and insert the pointcloud somewhere.

Also, I have a working waypoint generator, so I guess I now need to send these to px4 avoidance node instead of mavros.

@olacv There is nothing done camera specific in the local_planner since it consumes pointclouds directly. So you can try streaming pointclouds directly to the local_planner

Where in local_planner should i stream my pointcloud? I’m planning to follow a set of waypoints in offboard mode.