Please help! New user attempting to set up IDE on Windows, encountering "PX4 config file not set" error


I am new to PX4 and trying to set up an IDE on windows. I have followed the setup instructions to the letter, but when I try to configure the software on visual studio, I get the following error. I tried everything I could think of and unfortunately could not find any similar problems online.

CMake Error at c:/PX4/home/PX4-Autopilot/cmake/px4_config.cmake:90 (message):PX4 config file not set, try one of CMake (message) [89,1]

I also get the following message in the command window when trying to run jmavsim. The strange thing is that it still functions with QGroundControl, despite this error.

ERROR [px4_work_queue] setting sched params for wq:lp_default failed (134)

I would really appreciate any advice on how to proceed here.

Hello, the Windows Cygwin Toolchain for PX4 has been officially discontinued, so there may not be a good solution for such issues. I recommend using: RflySim:A Toolchain For The Development, Testing, And Evaluation Of An Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Based On PX4

RflySim is completely free and can be used directly on Windows after installation. It comes with built-in tools like QGroundControl (QGC), PX4 source code, WSL compiler, and more. It includes most of the common software used for drone development!

For more detailed information, please visit . The basic and advanced trial versions of RflySim can be obtained by providing your email address through the download link at . For the full-featured complete version, please inquire at