Please help! New user attempting to set up IDE on Windows, encountering "PX4 config file not set" error


I am new to PX4 and trying to set up an IDE on windows. I have followed the setup instructions to the letter, but when I try to configure the software on visual studio, I get the following error. I tried everything I could think of and unfortunately could not find any similar problems online.

CMake Error at c:/PX4/home/PX4-Autopilot/cmake/px4_config.cmake:90 (message):PX4 config file not set, try one of CMake (message) [89,1]

I also get the following message in the command window when trying to run jmavsim. The strange thing is that it still functions with QGroundControl, despite this error.

ERROR [px4_work_queue] setting sched params for wq:lp_default failed (134)

I would really appreciate any advice on how to proceed here.