Please Answer This ASAP!

I’m in a hurry here and I am wondering how to connect the BL Heli ESC 20A to the PM07 power management board? The board has 6 holes on it, from what I’ve seen I just have to apply solder to all 6 holes and attach it to the wires. Is this correct? What is the logic behind that anyways? Please answer this as soon as possible, I’ve questioned this multiple times on the forums and everyone has ignored.


Thanks for reaching out. What is your setup?

And by the way. I hope you have looked at here:

I understand that I need to connect certain wires to certain places on the power management board, but I don’t know what method to use to connect them. Do I have to solder the wire to the B+ and GND pads on the power management board?

Any photos from your setup if still the problem persists?