Plane Autoland issue

When there is no wind the plane does not land anywhere close to the take off location when Autoland is used. When it’s windy it lands perfectly. Is this a known issue?

You need to share a log if you want us to help you. For autoland to work well you need to tune it specifically to the airframe. A badly tuned pitch controller could ruin you landing.

That is good to know. I will get a log uploaded here shortly.


See link to log as requested.

Justin, does this log show the stuck behavior as you mentioned? You did set the maximum airspeed to 23 m/s, which the system reaches against wind. If you would like it to go faster you need to raise the max airspeed.

This one is the landing how it’s 50m or so away from the take off location.


I guess the question is, is the issue it does not land close in no wind because of pitch tuning or something else. My pitch is a little bit jumpy in stabilize which I think causes my position control rocking in heavy winds although position control seems good in no wind as seen in this log. Any help is much appreciated.

I’ve noticed the less twitchy the pitch is on a plane is the worse accuracy the autoland.

@Justin_Cooper I’ll look at this as soon as I’ve finished with your wing rock problem.


See attached screenshot of RTL and land its from the same log as I uploaded to the wing rocking issue on github. As you can see in the picture the plane was still very high when it came down to where I armed it from which would have ended in the plane landing way across the road if I did not take control. Even being able to nudge the plane would be a big help.

I want to make the plane at specific position , i set takeoff waypoint land three points, the altitude of takeoff waypoint are 3 meters relative to home, land are 0 meters relative to home. but when i set the mode to mission ,the plane lands directly, do you know where might be wrong?