Pixracer for convergence?

Do I have to use a pixfalcon, or can I use a pixracer? I already have two full pixhawks I could use, but the space is so limited. I’m starting to build a clone of the convergence, but twice the size. I’ll post more info on that elsewhere.

I used a PixRacer in a Convergence, by adding SBUS output support to the ArduPilot stack:

I was thinking about modifying something like the Opterra to make a larger Convergence-style VTOL; how are you planning to do it?

I’m cloning the convergence. I’ll have to send cad files off to have the fuse and wings cut. Should be finished with the foam design this week.

IMHO, if you’ve got the room, use a full size Pixhawk instead. You’ll have more ports to work with for other, i.e. gimbal pan and tilt control.

Good luck.