Pixhawk4 Mini and Arducopter

I’d like to install Arducopter on my PH4 mini flight controller in order to use the Arducopter Antenna Tracker system. However, I can’t seem to get the telemetry to the OSD module or get the GPS to actually work. Has anyone successfully set up a PH4 mini with Arducopter firmware?


You might get a better answer on the Arducopter forum.

Also what is PH4 flight controller?

PH4 Mini is a Pixhawk 4 Mini flight controller marketed by Holybro. It’s the right size for a 500mm quadcopter but it is advertised as optimized for the PX4 Pro firmware

I see normally we say PX just never saw PH4.
PX4 and Arducopter are two totally different code bases due to Licensing differences.
If you have no aspirations of marketing your things, then Arducopter might be a better choice.
The assumption for PX4 is that you are an OEM and will add your own code, features etc.

Plenty of things marketed with ArduPilot, and the license thing is a red herring. Happy to chat about that.

Relevant to this question: PH4 works just fine with ArduPilot, but I’d suggest grabbing the firmware from the firmware server (ArduPilot firmware : /Copter/stable/PH4-mini) then uploading as custom firmware. QGC might just give you generic fmuv5, which probably mainly works but isn’t optimised for the board. The ArduPilot forum should help you get going from there.

Thanks for a relevant reply. I’ll try your suggestion but the problem is getting the Pixhawk 3 Mini flight controller to recognize the GPS or get the telemetry data to the OSD module.