Pixhawk triggering photos on Parrot Sequoia + with Intel Edison

Hi there,
I am building a DIY agricultural drone for survey.
I would like to trigger the photos on the Sequoia + with Mission Planner.
I know Parrot can use PTP over USB or PTPy protocol, as well as HTTP to trigger the pictures.
Parrot provides a few python codes to help doing that here :

Knowing this, is there anyway I can trigger the photos via Mission Planner?
I think it would be a pain to work in interval or GPS mode on the Sequoia and I want a simple and ergonomic survey planning.
I also have an Intel Edison on the cube, so I thought that could help me doing this.
Did anyone ever tried this kind of setup ?
The first thing I wanted to try was to link the Edison to the camera, trigger a script on the Edison every time Mission Planner asks the picture, and the Edison sends the right code to the Sequoia.
I am not a developper, and I am not very good in Python, but this kind of code should be quite simple, no?
If not, any other idea or a simple way to do that, avoiding that kind of purchase : https://vp-systems.eu/manual_cr.html#EXAMPLE_SEQUOIA ?
thanks in advance for answers,
All the Best, greetings from France

If you’re using Missionplanner you’re probably using ArduPilot. For assistance with ArduPilot, discuss.ardupilot.org is the best place to ask.