Pixhawk not connecting to Qgroundcontrol on Mac

Hi everyone I am new to this forum so excuse me if I do something wrong on my first post or ask something that has been asked before.

I have been using the px4 for about a year now and I am really happy with it. However a week ago or so my pixhawk stopped connecting to my Macbook Pro. I find this very strange since it connected without any problems before. When I connect the pixhawk via a usb hub, its lights flash on(blue blinking) but qgroundcontrol and the computer does not recognize it. There is no damage on the pixhawk not that I can see. My mac is currently on macOS Monterey 12.6.

I have tried this solution in pixhawks official documentation and it did not work: Connection problems ยท QGroundControl User Guide. I have also changed the connecting usb cable multiple times and the usb hub multiple times. The mac is able to show other incoming usb connections but cannot see pixhawk. I have restarted my mac multiple times too and deleted- reinstalled qgroundcontrol software.

Why is this happening? Is it because of a system update on my mac? If so is there any possible way I can establish connection with the pixhawk without doing any downgrading (this is the only computer I have access to and I dont want to do that stuff)? If its a hardware issue on pixhawk can I fix it or is it completely dead?

Feel free to ask me any other questions.