PixHawk Mini with S-Bus Rx and Taranis Tx

Hello Drone Code Community,

I am using the Pixhawk mini with S-Bus Rx, Taranis Tx on a quad copter. But I cannot get the AUX1 or AUX2 to Pass thru so i can use a servo. On QC Ground Control I can see the servos are responding but the actual servos are not moving (Yes, I have the UBEC connected to pin 8).

What am I missing?


  • What airframe did you setup in QGC?
  • Which specific receiver are you using? Doesn’t it have regular servo pins?

Good luck.

Hi Rollys,

Air-frame is TriCopter.

Rx is FrSky X4RSB using bottom row pins for SBus (#4 Channel Pins).


Did you see the docs on this setup? The AUX ports may not be part of the airframe mixer:

Tricopter Y-
Common Outputs
MAIN1: motor 1
MAIN2: motor 2
MAIN3: motor 3
MAIN4: yaw servo

You don’t need AUX port for servo. If you need more PWM ports, you can bind the Rx in D16 SBUS and use its pins for additional 2 servo outputs.

Good luck.

Thank you. Yes I did see the docs, but didn’t realized that TriCopter does not support AUX servo use (Assumption is mother of all screw-ups!). I was planning to place a gripper servo that is why I needed Aux pass through.

Thanks again for your help.