Controlling servo using Aux not working

Hi I am trying to trigger a servo through Aux out of Cube Black controller. The servo rail is powered through BEC. I have set RC_map_AUX1 to Channel 10. I am using Q X7 Taranis and have set the Channel 10 and programmed corresponding switch which appears to be working fine on the Taranis as I move the switch but nothing happens on the quad. If I manually turn the servo and power on the drone, at initialization I can see the servo move and center, so I know current is passing through and servo connection is correct. But why am I not able to control it through the RC transmitter?

Thanks for the help.

Have you confirmed in a ground station (QGC/Mission Planner), that the RC commands are actually mapped to any of the outputs? Check whether when you move the appropriate switch on the controller, there is response on the radio tab, if not then investigate.

I confirmed it and it was a faulty servo, now it is working once I swapped it. One thing is that the servo only operates when the drone is armed and propellers are running. Is there any way to make this work even when the drone is not armed?

Try looking at

I have the exact same issue but I tried with the drone armed but still there is no movement in the drone. I have tried to check if the servo is faulty and I can control it in the Actuators tab using the slider in QGroundControl. Please help if you have this issue solved.