Pixhawk Mini - No ADC?

According to https://docs.px4.io/en/flight_controller/pixhawk_mini.html the Pixhawk Mini has an ADC interface. But I cannot find any documentation on where the Mini’s ADC port is…

Is there no ADC interface on the Pixhawk Mini?

What are you intending to connect? I don’t see any other reference to ADC anywhere in the documentation, so it could be a typo, or the documentation is referring to an A2D chip on board, and not a connector.

If it’s a range finder that you are connecting, that would use i2c or a pwm port.

I’d like to connect an analog sensor (currently bench testing with a potentiometer) to a Pixhawk Mini’s input. I was assuming the only way was to use an ADC port like there is on the Pixhawk 1 or Pixhawk mRo. Can I connect a potentiometer directly to a PWM port and read IN analog voltages?

Yes, I think you’re right, the main micro controller STM32F427 has 3 A2D but I guess there is no connector. The documentation should be updated to remove any reference of “ADC”…