Inquiry about the Pixhawk ADC 6.6V

Hello to all

I’m beginner user about Pixhawk2
And recently I’m wondering about Pixhawk2 ADC 6.6 port
I’ve read the instruction Pixhawk2 and there were ADC 6.6v port is for analog input so I searched what is the analog input hardware for ADC 6.6v But I couldn’t find that, so if you guys who know the hardware about ADC 6.6v Please reply to my question.
Thank you for reading this.

I’m looking at this:
and I see a port labelled ADC. Is that not it?

Oh, you’re asking about the 6v6 not the 3v3. :thinking:

Thank you for reply
And yes i’m looking for ADC 6v6 lol
If there anything you know about that.
Please reply again.
Thank you very much!

@proficnc could you help maybe?


Only 3.3v… maybe try adding a voltage divider?

Thanks @proficnc. I submitted a PR to fix the typo:

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Thanks Julian! Much appreciated!