Pixhawk Mini crash

Please help me. My hex-copter with pixhawk mini flight controller crash today.
I take off with stabilize mode, and the copter just go away. The roll, pitch and flight mode controls have no responding.
Copter frame: Tarot X6
Flight Controller: 3DR Pixhawk Mini
Receiver: Futaba 6208
Transmitter: Futaba 14SG
Motors: LD Power 5008
Propellers: 1855
Battery: Tattu 6S 22000mAh
I have not connect to my GCS and here is my dataflash log: http://logs.uaventure.com/view/5dGD86ywUVGMaSitQWztmg

It looks like you have too much vibrations. (as per raw acceleration)
Have you balanced the motors and the propellers?

Hi pturcotte
Thanks for reply.
I use a vibration dumping board and well balanced motors and propellers.
I have flied this copter several times, and the crash just happened yesterday.