Pixhawk does not arm when disconnected from PC

Hey guys, I am working on a fixed wing uav design using Pixhawk 2.4.8 (Please find the configuration below). I can arm the motors and it works fine when connected to PC via a usb cable. But Pixhawk fails to arm once disconnected from PC. Instead of blinking blue, it blinks red when trying to arm.

  • PX4 ; QGroundControl ; Taranis controller ;
  • No telemetry device (I do not intend to take the laptop with me for testing)

Thanks !

Hello Bharath,

I’ve been struggling with this for several days and finally found a solution. I had to set my COM_POWER_COUNT to 0. I found that solution here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Multicopter/comments/100imcy/pixhawk_does_not_arm_when_usb_is_disconnected/

My concern is I don’t yet know if there are other side affects. But at least I can press the Pixhawk Arm switch (note that it will keep flashing so I just do a quick press), move yaw to lower right and finally throttle up my motors!

Hello rtalan,

Thank you for the reply & solution. Cheers.