Pixhawk cube rover learning waypoints

Good afternoon
I have purchased a blue cube pixhawk from 3dxr i upgraded my rover from 3dr px4.

Problem I have is i dont seem to be able to set channel 7 to sav waypoints as previously with px4
The parameter has no option
Download latest version mission planner

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Which code are you running?


Thanks for your reply.

The code im using is the default rover px4 download from the latest mission planner

If you’re downloading from mission planner, it’s Ardupilot not PX4.

Best support for the Cube is at discuss.cubepilot.org we support both Ardupilot and PX4 firmware.


Thanks @proficnc i appreciate your comments i honestly thought the cube was an easy upgrade. I also cant get Qgroundcontrol to connect. So whats my options for a ground station

What carrier board did you purchase with your Blue Cube?

Yes the blue cube.

I have managed to load 3.2.0 rover firmware that allows “Save waypoints” option Channel 7 in all modes except Auto.

I hope that this firmware works effectively with cube.

My end result is the rover work from RC or Mavlink for waypoints. I had successfully done this previously with PX4 2.8.

I wish to interface Lw20 Lidar for obstacle avoidance again previously i had successfully used dual sonar on the PX4

Again much appreciated for your time.

Latest Rover firmware is 4.0

If you ask your questions on the correct forum, you will get the right assistance…