PIXHAWK - ArduRover

Hi all,
I am currently working on a project where i am using pixhawk hardware with ArduRover stack. As transmitter i am using FlySky Noble NB4 transmitter and flysky FGr4 receiver from which I am using only two channels on the receiver (1 & 2) where CH1 is connected to 1st wire & CH2 to 3rd wire on PPM Encoder.
With skid steering on both motors are spinning when i press the throttle(channel 2) which is fine. But when i simultaneously operate the steering their is no change in any of the motor speed (As it should work with skid steering vehicle). I would really appreciate help on this. Thanks in advance.

@Shik238 Are you sure you are running px4 rover?

For assistance with ArduPilot please visit the ArduPilot forum at discuss.ardupilot.org

Thank you for response. I am using Pixhawk hardware with ArduRover stack. I have put up this query on Ardupilot forum .Thank you again.

Thank you very much for response. I have put up this query to the link mentioned.