Pixhawk 6c Servo Gripper

Hello! I am trying to get a PWM Servo Gripper to work with a Logitech F310 Joystick.
I am using a Pixhawk 6c 1.14.0, QGC v4.3.0 and a Holybro S500 v2 frame. I have configured the joystick buttons to Gripper Close and Gripper Open and i have configured a PWM output to the gripper. The gripper is working from the Actuator Testing page butt not from the joystick. The problem is i cant find the gripper parameters (PD_GRIPPER_EN, PD_GRIPPER_TO and PD_GRIPPER_TYPE), i think my parameter list is incomplete is there any way to get these parameters to the parameters list or is there any other way to get the gripper working? Thanks in advance.

PWM Servo Gripper | PX4 User Guide (main) this is the link where i found information about the gripper.