Pixhawk 6c not showing battery stats

I am having trouble with pixhawk 6c, because it does not show nothing about the battery attached to the drone. The drone is the PX4 Vision Autonomy Development Kit with a 4S battery. Problem:

The vehicle setup shows that there are not any problem and power page the same.

Finally I checked battery params and i do not say nothing wrong.

Is there anything that I am missing?


I believe it might be because the Pixhawk is powered from your USB connection. Normally it shows ok in battery status when it gets power from USB. Try to connect to the drone using telemetry and see what the battery level is

@Mr_Madsen The Pixhawk was connected by a 4s battery and I connected to the drone by telemetry, I am still struggling why it does not show any data

Then I unfortunately don’t know what the problem is

did you find the cause of the problem? I have this same issue with the X500 V2 (so similiar setup).