Pixhawk 4 ESC wiring setup

What about your receiver, what make is it; and how did you connect it?

And did you use the PWM breakout board anywhere?

For the receiver I used the PPM RC input connector on the board and no, i have not used the PWM.


What radio receiver and transmitter are you using?

I’m using radiolink at10 ll transmitter
And radiolink r12ds receiver

@lloydrayner what radio set up do you have?

Thank you for this post. It helped alot!

Good Evening @Caesar,

Sorry for the delay I have been away.

The receiver is Quanum

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@lloydrayner Thanks for this thread!

I’m just about to do the initial setup for my Pixhawk 4 now that QGC will recognise it. :slight_smile:

Hello !
I am using DJI F450. I believe I can use the power distribution of the frame to power the ESCs (see image below). Will I be required to use the power distribution board of Pixhawk 4 ?

Reference: https://images.app.goo.gl/3e3SkcvY31iSSML16

In this case, you can use the Pixhawk 4 Power Module (PM07)( http://www.holybro.com/product/pixhawk-4-power-module-pm07/ ) but it is not really useful.or PM02( http://www.holybro.com/product/pm02/) is more simple and more llight…

Hello @Serge !
Yes I agree. But then how will I connect the esc signal wires to Pixhawk 4? I need PM07 (will connect at M pads) for that purpose.


Sorry for the delay !!

For each ESC, the power (6S for Tarot 4114, for my drone) is connected directly on battery.
The PWM command ESC use by a cable connected individually on splitter with 8 channels (include in the Holybro package).

The splitter on my Drone is hidden under the Pixhawk close ESC cables.

(See photo with an another splitter for AUX channels)

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Got it ! Thanks much @Serge : )

I am wiring the same circuit on your picture.Does it work on your drone?


On the photography, the splitter was used for AUX port. But you can use the first Splitter for the ESC.
On The Pixhawk4 , two ports are aviable the first for connect the ESC and the second for AUX (default configuration).



All, I am waiting for the common package avalanche from Webshops, preparing in advance to wire up my Hexacopter with Pixhawk-4 and the power module as described in this topic. It would have the advantage of monitoring all current drained from my main battery if I also hookup my ESC´s to this board.
The Documentation on the power module is somewhat limited: it states it can deliver upto 120A. Not sure if that is absolute MAX, or if there is like a peak value not to cross, or if it is even able to cut current when 120A is to be exceeded.
@lloydrayner : I see you hooked up 30A ESC´s, in my case times 6 = 180A. Did you do any stress test on maximum current, and what curren thave you been able to pull out of the Power Module whilst not smoking it ?

I got a decent and clear answer from Holybro on the max. current when distribution to ESC/Motors is done through the PM07 module:
If the continuous working current for your motor is 30A then you should not choose PM07 but a PDB capable of more than 250A instead.
For the hexacopter, pm07 only allows the continuous working current of each motor to be less than 20A. The boost current of pm07 may reach 180A, but it can only withstand for a short time, pm07 will generate a lot of heat which results in a decrease in reliability.



I’m in the same situation as the original poster. The kit I got from holybro is said to be “solder-less”, so the wires that comes out of the ESC have a little connector (the square one of this photo):

Do I really need to cut this connector and solder the white cable to M1, M2, M3, and M4?

Or can I plug them directly on the pixhawk 4 (and use only the PM board for alimentation?)

Or maybe I can use the angled connector on the bottom picture?



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Hi, Sir.

I am a little bit confused by all the online pics. Is that ok either to connect the singal ground wire or not, or doesn’t matter at all?