Pixhawk 2.4.6 to drive gasoline powered helicopter

Greetings everyone.
I’ve been into multicopters for a while and now looking forward to build an UAV helicopter.
Most likely, Ill make my own construction, but to test things out I’ve got used Century Gasser Predator NX helicopter and a Pixhawk controller with set of telemetry and OSD. My RC is Futaba T8FG Super.

I’ve seen several old threads and even youtube videos showing Pixhawk running a traditional helicopter on liquid fuel, but they appear to be outdated/abandonned.

Does anyone have similar expierence or success with building Fuel Heli + Pixhawk combos? Any help/tips will be appretiated.

For now, my main problem is controlling engine’s RPM with Pixhawk. I’ve connected rest of stuff and it appears to work as intended (on the table)

Thanks in advance~

Also, as far as I understood, QGroundStation has no clue about fuel powered helicopters? In frames choose it offers me just a blade 130x which is elctrical :confused:

Suddenly, 0 thoughts…

Bump to this, still looking for tips to take off this gas flybar monster

What have you done so far and what kind of tips are you looking for? Do you have a way to read engine RPM?