Fuel Level Sensor Integration

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I have a fuel sensor (documentation below) that has a PWM output between 1100 us (when the tank is empty) to 1900 us (when the tank is full). We are creating a UAV prototype using a PixHawk as our flight controller, but I am unsure how to integrate this fuel sensor and send the data to the GCS. Any insight would be appreciated. Ideally, we do not wish to alter the code extensively, but are open to any options (I2C etc). We would be using 2 of these fuel sensors as we have 2 separate hybrids we are using for our drone.

Is there anyone in the community that has experience with using fuel level sensors (or simply having the pixhawk read a PWM and send the data to the GCS) that can be of assistance?


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Interesting sensor idea. I was thinking of using an analog sensor for my application but digital is the way to go.

I think your best bet is to create your own custom app and a new custom uorb topic. Then the app would read the pwm using a pwm read command and publish this pwm to the topic. After that your other apps can use this number and you can read it through mavlink in qgc. Hope this helps! Really interested to see if this works for you, keep me updated!

Hi…the briggs guys here will not let you put anything in the gas tank, modify it in any way, have an external sensor that adds appreciable volume to the system, or have anything that even looks like it might leak under any condition… All of that greatly limits your options.

Honestly, just knowing how long you want to run before pits is totally fine. We no longer run a fuel gauge and have never run out of fuel on the track. If you are real fancy, you can keep track of engine rpm in addition to run time with some simple experimental relationship to estimate fuel consumption.

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Alternatively use a camera focused on the fuel tank as shown

Dear [wangjiaye]
I have purchased richenpower fuel level sensor and wish to integraing it px4 AP and read the output data of this device directly on mission planner .
Did you get any solution to integrate the sensor into your system

Depends on the firmware you’re using on your Pixhawk 4. With missionplanner I’m guessing you’re using ArduPilot firmware, in which case this sensor is already supported.