PC cannot connect via UDP to Companion

I’m using MAVSDK on my PC, which is connected by usb-c to a siyi HM30 reciever which is bound to an airunit on the drone.
The airunit is connected to a Pixhawk 6C flight controller, which in turn is serially connected to the companion computer (raspberry pi 4).

The problem that I can’t understand is that whenever my PC is connected by Type C to the reciever, everything works fine; I can establish connection with the companion computer.

But when my PC is connected to the reciever using the UDP cable, I cannot establish connection with the companion computer anymore.
I have confirmed that in both method, the MAVSDK does detect the flight controller.

Do I need to connect the Companion computer to Pixhawk 6c through ethernet, instead of serial? Since my flight controller doesn’t have an ethernet port, I have been unable to try that.
Has anyone else tried something similiar or know a suitable solution?

I appreciate any help or suggestions,


I am interested in your setup.
Could you draw your wiring diagram first?


What do you mean by “UDP cable”? What is that? Is it an ethernet cable?

OP is not interested in this post anymore, however, I’d like to leave it for anyone reading this later with the same question challenge.

I did a setup with the SIYI A8 mini and connected Ethernet to a Raspberry Pi, and serial to the Pixhawk. This enables gimbal control via Pixhawk, and camera control via a MAVLink camera manager running on the Raspberry Pi.

The repository with source and docs is: