Partners wanted

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all going through the COVID-19 episode well.

Our company, which has just released an modular UAS based on the Cube flight controller, is currently looking for partners. If you have developed specific accessories or payloads for aerial robots, we would be interested on building a strong relationship with you and your products!

Our drone allows easy integration of various equipment with several openings all around the body, with a maximum payload up to 3 kg – depending on the swappable motorization configurations (from a quadcopter to X8 octoroctor). There is also a dedicated opening for an on-board companion computer (dimension of an Nvidia Jetson TX2). The default built-in flight controller is the CubeBlack but can be upgraded to more recent models.

For further information or to partner with us please contact me in DM or at

Be safe !
mise en situation drone