Oscillations occurs during hovering (Typhoon h480 hexacopter)


Thank you very much for all your contributions.
When I let a Typhoon h480 hexacopter hover, it oscillates as shown in the following video clip.

ezgif com-video-to-gif

Tried to fix the issue by referring to the following link and lowering values of MC_PITCHRATE_P and MC_ROLLRATE_P in 6011_typhoon_h480 located in ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d-posix/airframes, but did not succeed yet.

Is there anyone who is familiar with this phenomenon?

@Sunghun_Jung Have you also tried flying in acro mode to verify the rate controller is tuned?

This is a combination of two issues

  • The vehicle is not tuned properly
  • Landing gear is vibrating