Omnibus F4 SD Bootloader compile problem under windows

I received my (Omnibus F4 SD) Hobbywing X Rotor FC today and was following the instructions on how to compile and install the bootloader when ran into a problem. I’m using the Pixhawk toolchain under Windows 10 and when it came time to compile libraries from llibopencm3, I got errors. I did some searching on the web and found there was an issue reported and a workaround developed, but apparently no long term fix was done. Issue when building under Windows (cygwin) · Issue #738 · libopencm3/libopencm3 · GitHub

I did what the fix suggested, modified the Makefile.include, compiled libopencm3 separately, then manually moved the files to where they needed to be, changed the Makefile.include back to the original, and compiled the bootloader by the instructions. This created the bin file I needed.

I’m not enough of a Github or coding expert to know what the best solution to this problem is, but I think it might be worth looking into a fix.

Also, when I connect it to my pc with QGroundcontrol open, QGroundcontrol crashes and just shuts down with no error message or warnings. When I connect to my Linux PC, it seems to be working fine.


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Might be worth opening an issue directly on the Bootloader repo: