Offboard: Using "MAV_FRAME_BODY_FRD" frame to set position based on the body frame

I would like to move a copter based on the body frame (forward, right, down, yaw) in Offboard mode, using the SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED mavlink message.

In PX4’s docs, it says the MAV_FRAME_BODY_NED is supported:

However, this frame has since been deprecated and replaced by MAV_FRAME_BODY_FRD

So I tried to implement a set_position_body function in the C++ library by replicating the set_position_ned implementation, but instead using the MAV_FRAME_BODY_FRD frame. I got this warning:

Is there a way to achieve positional movement based on the drone’s body (move 2m to the right, forward, etc) using MAVSDK? Any insights are greatly appreciated.

Any insights:

  1. You can use, offboard.set_position_ned(NEDYAW), knowing the current NEDYAW it is possible to calculate the coordinates of NED , to move forward/right/left/backward relative to the body of the drone.

  2. You can use, offboard.set_velocity_body(), set the speed of movement forward/right/down, for example 1 m/s, after two seconds set the speed of movement 0 m/s (the drone should be 2 meters in the selected direction). Or make feedback on the coordinates.

Hi, thank you for your answer!
The two options are certainly great alternative solutions to achieve my goal. But I was really hoping to hear if someone knows how to implement it in the MAVSDK library.