Offboard position setpoint Question

Hi all, can someone confirm what the documentation mean when it says:
The API uses the PX4 Offboard flight mode The class can only be used with copter and VTOL vehicles (not fixed wing - a PX4 limitation) and currently only supports velocity setpoint commands (PX4 additionally supports position and thrust setpoints).

Does that mean that Mavsdk can support position setpoint on PX4 board, or that native px4 support it but not mavsdk?

I understand that PX4 supports offboard for copter and VTOL vehicles, but not for fixedwings. MAVSDK just reflects this.

Does that help?

I think PX4 might support some of the offboard setpoints. It’s just that we haven’t tested/used that with MAVSDK, and so it’s something that would require checking and testing.

@Jaeyoung-Lim might know.

Thanks for the feedback. Just to be clear I want to use it on a VTOL not a fixed wing. So if I understand right it might work. I’ll do some test in the simulator.

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