Velocity setpoints for fixed-wing in offboard mode

Is it possible to send velocity setpoints, in addition to position setpoints, for fixed-wings while in offboard mode? I am able to send position setpoints using the mavros setpoints_raw/local topic, and I see there is a setpoint_raw/velocity topic, but it does not work for fixed-wing. Is this a capability that can be added to the PX4 firmware?

@apoissant95 Currently it is not possible. I am in the process of adding it, but no ETA yet

@Jaeyoung-Lim thank you for the update, I am thankful that you are looking at it. If you think of it, please note when this capability is in master so I can check it out. I don’t want to go to arduplane for this capability, I have grown quite fond of the PX4 firmware

@apoissant95 It would be great if you can contribute the feature. Otherwise, I will not have time immediately to look into it

@Jaeyoung-Lim I will try to see what I can do but I am not too familiar with the PX4 software, more of a systems integrator using mavros. If I make any progress will this I will certainly share.