Nsh: Command not found after x seconds

After linking a UAVCAN ESC to the can1 port, enabling UAVCAN (mode 3), rebooting the system and connecting to the nuttx shell via qgroundcontrol, I noticed that after an x mount of seconds (usually below 10), any custom app command that I put in returns command not found.

I’ve tried uavcan, commander, reboot, gps, uorb. They all give the same response from the autopilot. This makes me think that something in the UAVCAN driver is causing the shell to not recognize any custom app commands anymore. The builtin nuttx commands like help, ls, cat etc all still work.

The ESC that I connected is a FLIPSKY VESC and the ESC is powered externally via a powersupply. It is set to UAVCAN with 1M baud. I first power the ESC and then insert the usb to the autopilot (which is a pixhawk 2.1)

Some added information.

If I set the parameter UAVCAN_ENABLE to 0 and start uavcan manually using the shell, it works and the esc is found.