Nothing is working when armed

Just a small disclosure, i am new to this but pretty tech savy, i find this fustrating but feel im missing something simple. I am using a PX4 with a crossfire diversity reciever, taranis qx7 and crossfire transmitter. I wired everything and have it all connected and all seemed well when i was running through the set up on ardupilot mission planner. I calibrated all of my sensors and radio. When i move the sticks, it shows on the conputer the correct movement. Then i tested the motors and they work. My issue is that it will not do anything when armed. I connect the battery and turn on my transmitter and everything shows it is connected. I press the arm switch and nothing happens when i touch the throttle. Ive been looking for hours and cannot figure out what is wrong with it. I can post pictures of what you guys need if necessary.

Better to ask about ArduPilot at
My immediate guess is you have the parameter for the safety switch set (default), but no safety switch fitted.
Second guess is that you’re trying to arm into a gps assisted mode before your gps position is good enough.
Repost to the ArduPilot forum, with some extra information (flight controller type, firmware version, a log file etc).