NO local position

I test fly used RTK.But I have some quesion that I can’t understand.PX4 prompts for some log.“Failsafe enabled:no local position”.And the leds of GPS module will turn blue.When I have land,led turn green.At the same time,GPS stream is 5HZ to FC.How do I solve that? V1.8.0/1.8.2 and pixhawk 4

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I think you need to share at least a log for us to have a chance to find out what is going on.

this is a good idea,I will do that

Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure why this happens. Which RTK GPS are you using?

@bkueng do you see anything?

Hmm no, the GPS signal looks good.
Can you try with latest master (or v1.9.0 beta 3)?

I have not try 1.9.0.

I think it is an rtk data problem that causes the ekf innovation value to be too large.

But it only shows this phenomenon when it is in special line and special heading.Sometime,fix_type is keep rtk-fix.