No data log available, no stabilization during loiter/alt holt


Currently, I am setting up an intel aero RTF with QGroundControl with the following version:
BIOS VERSION: aero-01.00.16
AIRMAP_Version: 1.8
FPGA_Version: 0XC2
Aerofc firmware version:1.6.5

  1. After performing a flight there is no data log available at all, most common errors are:
  • at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\AnalyzeView\ - “Request log entry list ( 0 through 49 )”
  • at C:\projects\qgroundcontrol\src\QtLocationPlugin\QGCTileCacheWorker.cpp:1185 - “No Internet Access”

How can this be solved to be able to watch data logs from flights?

  1. the second problem is that the intel aero isn’t stable at all during loiter mode/ alt hold and position mode. I already changed from ardupilot firmware to px4 firmware which made a huge difference but still when in these modes the drone isn’t stable and doesn’t hold its position. when in these modes the drone pitches back and yaws to the right. Already have done a lot of research but haven’t found the problem yet.