New vehicle type: Airship

Our team has created a new vehicle type - an airship that can also be simulated in Gazebo. We would like to integrate it with the PX4 Firmware stack. As an initial step, we’re opening a discussion here before a pull request is opened. brings the cloudship airframe, mixer, manual flying and links to, which includes a twin-prop stabilator, tail rotor, fins, gondola and payload, with aerodynamics and buoyancy applied.

Currently, it is based off v1.10.1. I believe the next step is to port to master before a pull request can be made?

Thank you for the great work on PX4!


@drobin That’s really cool - I want one :-).

So yes, you need to port to master to make a PR. You obviously have a good handle on what needs to be done, but in case you need more inspiration, have you see this doc:

We’ll get your PR reviewed once it is in. Probably by @Jaeyoung-Lim - he’s the go-to person for anything to do with gazebo models and integration. Jae, anything you care to add?

Once you have a PR I’ll chase you up about documentation too :slight_smile:

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Thanks, have a look at!

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