Need help with broken TF tree while using VIO with mavros

Hello everyone,

I am having difficulty understanding the structure of the TF tree generated by mavros and VIO bridge. I am using Firmware version v1.10.1 and Auterion’s VIO bridge to bridge realsense-ros nodes with mavros node. According to my understanding the tree should be connected as explained in REP:105.
This is how my TF tree looks like:

My questions are -

  1. As odom and camera_odom_frame are world fixed frame should I connect the base_link frame to camera_odom_frame? If yes how should I do it? Will it be a static transform?
  2. Should I also connect odom to map directly as static transform?
  3. What is local_origin and fcu used for?

Thank you,

Hey @rajas_chitanvis,

Yes, I think the odom to base_link and map to odom should be a static transform, as the only odom change would be from camera_odom_frame.

Also how did you obtained the local_origin and fcu frames ?

I ran the roslaunch px4_realsense_bridge bridge_mavros.launch and I didn’t received those two frames rest all were the same.

@rajas_chitanvis @krawal19

Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue! Here is my tf tree: