Navio2 Raspberry Pi 3 Native Build Issue

I’m trying to run PX4 on a Raspberry Pi 3/Navio2 and I can’t get it to run.

Below is the output after compiling

After following the steps outlined in the guide here, I’m able to compile without any errors. The next step after building the code is to run it directly, but the executable “px4” seems to be missing from ‘/build/posix_rpi_native’.

Here is the output from compiling and the contents of /build/posix_rpi_native.

Any Idea as to what I might be missing?

Hi…I remember running Ardurover on a vanilla raspbian jessie image some time ago. Ardurover does not need fast stabilization calculations, so it worked alright. I did this with a Navio+ and I do not know if the Navio2 needs further changes to support the RCIO chip.

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